Friday, May 14, 2010

I DIG Gardening!!

My sister has inspired me to get gardening again!  This past week I planted over 40 Begonias as well as the pot I put together below for the front porch!
My sister took my Mom and I to Jackson's in Dallas. I fell in love with that place, I purchased some Pink Salvia, Pink Celosia and some purple sweet potato vine, which I created a beautiful pot for the front porch!! So pretty!!
I have a area that I am working on this weekend.  It will take a lot of work but I am excited to create a colorful space, more pics to come soon!!!
Also the fence is almost done!!! All of the post were put in last week and the panels started going up today.  Due to the rain the fence is on hold, hopefully panels will be up and complete by early next week!  I can't wait to add some furniture to the deck and have a grilling party!  Below is the new grill...

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