Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reason #223 - A Husband Could Be Handy These Days!

I purchased my 1st house last August.  It has been a wonderful experience and I am thankful that I am able to be a home owner.  However lately I have come to realize that being a single woman in a home has it's perks as well as downfalls.  I definitely thought that I would be married by 30, but God has different plans for me and I have come to terms with that.  Actually I am very handy for a woman.  I have a drill and a ton of tools that I know how to use.  I can hang a chandelier, change out electrical outlets (not the cover but the outlet), I can make and hang drapes, paint, mow the lawn, dig a hole to plant a bush etc.... You get the point.  I am always up for a challenge and capable of many things.  Lately I have run into a few issues that require a husband or at least a hot handy-man!!  For instance my garbage disposal is broken, and yes I have the tool to turn the motor but apparently the motor is burnt out.  I just don't use it, but would like to.  The front and back of the house need to have motion lights installed for security issues.  My sister & her hubby gave me a new light fixture for the bathroom for my birthday last November... yet it's still in the box.  Then there is the wallpaper I want to hang on a wall in my bedroom still in the box!
I have this list and I can't seem to get some of the smallest projects done.
Shout out to my mom & Mark (dad) they have been so supportive and have put in hours of work into my home, but there is always more.
Obviously I want to be a mommy & a wifey but right now it's just me and my dog, Grayce.
Now that I have written this I am starting to realize that I should probably use google and teach myself how to complete a few of these projects.  I till think it would be much better to make a "honey-do" list though!     ; )

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